A Quick Introduction to Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino, located in New Zealand, is a luxurious entertainment complex with a strong focus on poker. There is a larger then average entertainment scene, with a wide variety of activities and live shows, many of which are not gambling based. Dining venues, however, are fewer in variety then some other casinos. Being the home of the professional New Zealand poker championships, the gambling area of the casino is strongly focused on poker, with many dedicated tables and a regular poker related buzz. Note that this casino does not have any accommodation facilities, and international travellers will have to find accommodation at one of the nearby hotels. Shuttle services, however, are available to get guests to and from the casino.

Players Club

Christchurch Casino has a VIP awards program, referred to as a players club. By joining the players club, regular visitors to the casino can earn generous reward points. Rewards include free parking, extra points when playing on your birthday, and free meals at the various dining establishments of the casino. To learn more about the players club, or to sign up, please visit the appropriate page on the casino website. Note that the players club at this casino requires various identification forms in order to confirm the identity of the player.

Entertainment and Activities

The Christchurch Casino excels in having an enormous variety of entertainment options, many of which are not based around gambling. Beer and wine tasting are regular events, allowing guests to sample some renowned international beverages. Other entertainment options include quiz nights, stand-up comedians, live music, and more. In terms of gambling related activities, the casino has poker tournaments, special reward point deals for the slot machines, bingo days, and more. Note that the casino does not cater for children, or offer any family friendly events. If looking to hold a group function or corporate event, dedicated catering services are available on request.

Gaming and Casino Games

Christchurch Casino has a large, varied gambling area, with enough card game tables to accommodate hundreds of guests. There are over five hundred slot machines, as well as various other popular table games, thirty six in total, including blackjack and roulette ( Click here to find out more about roulette ). Being the home of the professional New Zealand poker championships, however, one will find the gambling scene in this casino leaning firmly towards poker. There are a number of dedicated poker tables, as well as a section specifically zoned for professional games. During poker season the casino is all but entirely dedicated to poker and the many players and guests who participate in the championships.

Dining and Bars

Christchurch Casino has a number of eating venues, but does not have the international menus or foreign delicacies of some other casinos. The eating establishments are a standard affair, including grills, cafes, and sports bars. This does not mean that the food is not excellent and service professional. A Thai restaurant, titled Chi Kitchen, specialises in eastern food, and is the only exotic option at this establishment. There are two bars on the premises, with the Machina Lounge also offering regular live entertainment and often frequented by local comedians.

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