An Exclusive Look at Crown Gems Online Slot

Slots machine games nowadays are getting more and more complex, and players can sometimes feel that there are so many free spin rounds; pick a prize games; and complicated in-reel features that the original idea behind slots machine games and the process of playing them has been left by the wayside. There are hundreds of games available online, developed by top-of-the-line casino game creators, featuring excerpts from modern-day blockbusters and extended animation reels that eat up players’ time and interrupt their concentration, leaving players longing for simpler days where spinning the reels was all that was required.

This is where a slots game like Barcrest’s Crown Gems comes to the fore –it is a game which has been very simply and professionally designed around a gem theme, and which offers the player straight-down-the-line slots play as it should be presented. The game sports no extra gimmicks, and players can enjoy the entertainment it provides without any interruptions from endless bonus rounds. There is the potential for taking home big wins on each spin of the reels, and the auto-play function it sports allows players to let the wins roll in without any input from them at all if they wish to.

Design for Crown Gems Online Slots

In terms of design, Crown Gems is slick and professional without being too intricately wrought. The gems are vivid, and somehow manage to seem to be sparkling although no animations are used. The crowns, which function as the game’s top symbol, are very ornate, and the remaining icons for play are the usual playing card symbols. The audio effects for the game are also subdued: relaxing, gentle computer sounds play as the reels spin, and mellow thuds are heard when the reels come to a stop. Short bursts of music accompany wins.

Wins for Crown Gems Online Slots

Unlike most pokies at, there are no bonus features, but the game itself does boast an innovative twist: winning combinations are not required to form from the left-hand side of the reels. Thanks to the fact that identical icons will pay out no matter where they end up on the reels, winning combos can be formed even if these symbols begin on the second or third reel rather than the first.

There are ten paylines in place for Crown Gems, a fixed amount, and the bet ranges from between just 0.1 for all ten paylines or as much as 500. The autoplay function can keep the reels spinning for as many as 50 spins, and, if the player wishes to end this feature earlier, a manual stop can be executed, since no stop-at feature is in use.

The crown is the top-paying symbol, and landing five of these on a payline will award the player 5 000 coins. Four, starting on the first or second reel, will net players 500 coins, and the red gem is next on the prize list, with five being worth 500 coins, and four paying 200. 70 coins will be handed out should three land on the Crown Gems reels.

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