Throwing Light on Roulette Touch from NetEnt

Swedish casino gaming giant NetEnt has achieved great success with the NetEnt Touch series, adapting a variety of the developer’s casino video slots to play seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. But not everyone is a slots fan; a significant number of online gambling enthusiasts in the USA, for example, value table games in a casino more. Roulette Touch has joined NetEnt’s earlier release, Blackjack Touch, to bring players an authentic casino atmosphere on their smart phones and tablets.

Layout Makes Play Easy

When developers are designing mobile casino games, particularly for smart phones, where limited screen size is an issue, there’s usually a trade-off between visibility/playability and the number of features from the original game that can be included. It’s no fun playing on an overly cluttered screen, or on one where the bet options are too small to be easily legible. NetEnt solves this either/or choice in Roulette Touch using pop-ups and overlays. The betting table fills the entire screen, so it can offer players all the land-based Roulette bet options: all 36 individual numbers plus the zero, the 50/50 bets like Red or Black, dozens, columns of six, adjacent fours, etcetera. When the player taps the Play button, a Roulette wheel is superimposed over the bet table for the spin. The screen reverts to the betting table once the random number generator has produced a winner, to display pay-outs.

Software Vetted for Fairness

Digital slots games results have always been determined by random number generators, or RNG’s, but in land-based casinos, Roulette is a game of pure physical, not electronic, chance. The bouncing of the ball around the obstructions of the spinning wheel determines its final resting place, and the winning number. To get the same experience in mobile games like Roulette Touch, players need to be confident that the results are truly random. NetEnt regularly has its games audited by independent experts like eCOGRA, to ensure that the RNG is delivering truly unbiased results. Players should check the mobile casino sites they use for certification by eCOGRA or a similar reputable auditor.

Bet Options to Suit All Players

Roulette Touch accepts bets as low as $1, with a table maximum of $500 per spin on the even-money bets. Experienced Roulette Touch aficionados swear that betting on one number consistently until it comes up and pays 35:1 is a fool’s game, however, so most prefer a betting system that allows them to spread a set number of bets around the table on every spin, maximizing their chances of a win, even at lower pay-out odds. The range of bet sizes on Roulette Touch allows them to adopt a system and play for long enough to see it start paying off, whatever the size of their bankroll.

Roulette Touch can be Played Anywhere, Anytime

Leveraging the constant improvements in both wireless connectivity and mobile devices, Roulette Touch combines the best technologies to give players an authentic Roulette game that is truly mobile. Players can try this in free play mode while they get the hang of it and practice their betting systems, and switch to real-money play whenever they like.

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