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All Hail the All Whites

The amusingly nicknamed All Whites is the national football team of New Zealand. Not to be confused with the immensely successful rugby team the All Blacks, these footballers have, for a number of decades, enjoyed a commendable amount of success around the world.

This popular team is under the control of the governing body for football in New Zealand – the NZF, which is, in turn, a member of the Oceania Football Confederation, or OFC. New Zealand is a five-time champion of the OFC , which is made up of other island nations such as the well-known teams from Fiji and Tonga. Their affiliation with the OFC has allowed these member nations to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, despite the fact that it has little influence over the international world of football.

It is worth noting that up until 2006, Australia had been the OFC’s  principal and most successful nation but they left to join the more prestigious Asian Football Confederation and so leaving New Zealand in its pride of place as largest and most successful of the teams.

Image of the All Whites

Wins for the Whites

Talking abut the past, the All Whites were the winners of the 2016 OFC Nations Cup, winning a whopping four matches. This victory sees the All Whites crowned as Oceania champions and the most successful national team in the competition’s history.

Under the expert leadership of Manager Anthony Hudson, the All Whites continue to deliver quality football. By all accounts they played unexpectedly well in the FIFA world cup in 2010 drawing both their opening games against, first the Slovaks, and then one of the internationally vetted favourites, Italy.

Punters can Utilise Underestimation

Naturally this previously presumed “underdog” team has become wildly attractive to sports bettors around the world, most especially their New Zealand fans, known as White Noise.  There’s an alarming story from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where some unlucky punter staked a last minute bet of $40,000 on Slovakia to beat the All Whites. As the expected winners, Slovakia was paying just $1.02 for the win and this betting enthusiast would have won a profit of just $800 had the bet come through. Sadly for him, the last minute goal by All White Captain, Winston Reid, saw the All Whites draw even, stunning spectators and players alike. There are stories like this that make fans and gamblers think twice before placing soccer bets against this team.

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