Horse Racing Bets at a Glance for NZ Punters

Betting on horse racing in New Zealand has always been a very popular option for Kiwi punters at the bookmakers, as horse racing is such a popular sport.  The cup days attract huge crowds for thoroughbred horse racing, the biggest of all the races being the group 1 of the Auckland Cup. New Zealand players can certainly place horse racing bets on international horse racing, but with such a globally recognised thoroughbred industry, certainly one of the best in the world, placing horse racing bets on home grown talent is about as thrilling as it gets in the sports betting world.

Excellent Riders and Horses

New Zealand’s own Mark Todd was chosen as ‘Horseman of the Century’, an international recognition. New Zealand fares well in the big international games and has won many medals throughout the years.  The makes for exciting horse racing bets, as does the quality of the thoroughbred breeding in NZ.  New Zealand offers the best start to horses with its mild climate, lush and fertile lands that provide excellent pasture, and an environment of wide open paddocks, coupled with comparatively low production costs compared to those horses bred in Ireland and Kentucky, USA.

Types of Multiple Horse Racing Bets Available

Multiple bets are a great option for punters wanting to be in the running for what could possibly be very large wins whilst only putting down a small stake.  It entails placing your horse racing bets on combinations of different horses from many races, and we explain just a few of them here for you:

Double – 2 horses are combined, both must triumph if you are to get a return from your betting at the races.

Treble – 3 horses are combined, all of them must win

Trixie – 3 horses are combined in 1 treble + 3 doubles = 4 bets total. Only 2 of them need to win for you to get a payout. You could also do a ‘patent’ which gives you the option of seeing a payout from 1 winner.

Yankee – 4 selections are played with 6 doubles, 1 accumulator and 4 trebles. Only 2 of them need to win for you to get a payout.  To see a payout from only 1 winning, go for the ‘Lucky 15’ which works out to a total of 15 horse racing bets, and includes 4 single bets. Often there will be a bonus if all of your horse triumph or a double the odds incentive if only one of your choices comes first.

Canadian or Super Yankee – Here you have 5 selections in 1 five-way accumulator, 5 four-way accumulators, 10 doubles and also 10 trebles, a total of 26 horse racing bets, thrilling stuff!

Lucky 31 is a 5 selection combo in the same style as the Super Yankee or Canadian, but also includes an extra 5 single bets, so you end up with 31 horse racing bets in total.

Heinz is a combo of six horses in a huge 57 bets: 20 trebles, 15 doubles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and finally 1 accumulator. To get a payout at least two of your choices must win.

Super Heinz horse racing betting involves each multiple combination of a given seven horses in a total of 120 bets of: 35 fourfolds, 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 7 sixfolds, 21 fivefolds and 1 accumulator. To get a payout at least two of your picks must win.

Lucky 63 is very similar to the Heinz bet, except that it only has 6 single bets. Once again bonus payouts can be gained, similar to the Lucky 15.

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