Irish Eyes 2 Online Casino Slot Overview

Created by Next Gen Games, the Irish Eyes 2 slot is available to play on desktop computer and mobile phone. It features a rather pleasant theme based around Irish culture, specifically around the concept of luck. This means, of course, plenty of four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and one mysterious redheaded lady. The lady probably isn’t associated with luck, but it will still be a welcome sight to have her on the reels, given the immense amount of payouts she is worth.

The graphics of the game are well done all round, with expertly created high-resolution images and interesting symbol designs. Some symbol designs are better done than others though, which is a bit of a shame. Complimenting the graphics is a reasonably well down ambient sound score, relaxing the player with the sounds of wildlife in the grassy Irish hills. It’s too bad no music was used, as the ambient sound does start to get a little repetitive, but that’s a minor complaint.

Game Play

The Irish Eyes 2 slot game uses a five reel, twenty five betting line system, which is fairly standard in modern slot games. The betting lines are manually adjustable between spins, which is excellent news for those who enjoy a more interactive slot game experience.

With maximum betting lines open the player is always more likely to achieve winning sequences, but the greater the upfront betting amount required. This creates an interesting risk reward system that can be very tactical and tense, which is always a plus as far as online slot games are concerned. There are a number of bonus and special feature options, which are expected in a slot game, which also add a certain special flavour to the game.

Play Symbols and Special Features

Ausvegas – The already mentioned redheaded lady symbol in the Irish Eyes 2 slot game is one you’ll want to keep your eyes open for. This charming creature is the wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. She will also match with herself, offering an immense amount if the player is lucky enough to match her the maximum of five times. The other symbols you’ll want to look out for are the golden heart and leprechaun’s hat, which are the most valuable standard symbols in the game. Matching these symbols with themselves five times, or with the redheaded wild symbol, will result in the fastest road to being a smiling customer.

The last big symbol to watch out for in the Irish Eyes 2 slot is the scatter symbol, pictured as a pot of gold. Likely the one rumoured to be at the end of the rainbow. Matching the scatter symbol will trigger an enormous payout, which will be multiplied by the current betting amount. For example, if matching the scatter five times and your current betting amount is 50, the scatter symbol will payout 100 X 50. That is a lot of cash to be won, assuming you are lucky enough to find that illusive pot of gold in the reels.

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