Microgaming’s Louisiana Double Video Poker Game Review

Louisiana Double is a video poker variant that was developed by Microgaming. The game may be played online for free or for real money and is available on the instant play platform at many flash based online casinos.

The game is simple and straightforward as it is much like the traditional video poker variants. There is one main difference being the presence of a double card which may double any win when it is present in a hand.

Louisiana Double has a standard gamble feature. Any winning amount may be gambled in the hopes of doubling up by selecting one of four face down playing cards and having that card be of a higher value than one that is face up. If not however the amount will be lost.

Getting Started with Online Louisiana Double

The Louisiana Double interface includes a standard control panel where bet sizes and values may be adjusted and placed. There are also buttons that can be used to adjust certain settings such as sound volume and a help button gives access to all the relevant information about the game.

Players may place one to five coins on each hand with a value of the coins ranging from 0.25 up to 5.00. This means the highest bet amount allowed per spin is an amount of 25.00.

The Featured Double Card in Louisiana Double

Louisiana Double online video poker is played with a deck of fifty two playing cards plus the double card which is an additional card that is not used in traditional video poker games. The double card does not act as a wild card to help make up a poker hand and it is not a part of any Canadian Gambling hand ranking.

The double card does however double up the winning pay out for four or less playing card combinations such as four of a kind, three of a kind, two pairs and one pair. The deck of playing cards is shuffled before each and every deal to ensure that every deal produces a random hand of playing cards.

Louisiana Double Poker Hand Pay Outs

The highest winning poker hand is a royal flush. This is the highest ranking poker hand across the board and with five coins in play, Microgaming’s Louisiana Double pays out the maximum prize of 2 500 coins. Four, three, two or one coin pays out lesser amounts of 1 600, 1 200, 800 or 400 coins respectively.

A pair of jacks or better is the lowest ranking poker hand in this game and if one, two, three, four or five coins are bet the pay-out will be 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins, 4 coins or 5 coins respectively.

Standard poker hands apply in the Louisiana Double online video poker game with the second highest poker ranking being a straight flush, then a four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind and two pairs. With the maximum of five coins bet these poker hands pay out 375 coins, 175 coins, 45 coins, 30 coins, 20 coins, 10 coins and 10 coins respectively. Try as well real money bingo games 

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