The New York Marathon is the Largest in the World

New York City’s yearly marathon is the largest marathon in the world, hosting about 50,000 runners who come from 130 different countries. The distance of the marathon is 42.195 kilometres, or 26.2 miles, and the marathon provides a challenging course for all runners. Runners are advised to run this marathon by its topography rather than sheer pace. This will allow you to flow with the ups and downs of the course, and enjoy the magic that is the New York Marathon.

This marathon may not have the history and prestige of the Boston Marathon, or the record breaking potential of the Berlin or London marathons, but the buzz of excitement and camaraderie from all the runners you feel in the early morning air at the start of the New York Marathon at Staten Island, is like nothing else in any other marathon.

This Race Takes Runners on A Tour of The City

The New York Marathon has been run every year since 1970, with the exception only of 2012, due to the landfall of Hurricane Sandy. The race is organised by the New York Road Runners Club, and is one of the World Marathon Majors. It is run through the five boroughs of New York City, and is always held on the first Sunday of November each year. Because of the popularity of this high profile race, participation has had to be chosen mostly by a lottery system. Certain people are given a guaranteed entry to the race, but the requirements are pretty steep, including having run the New York Marathon at least fifteen times before. Runners who are members of the New York Road Runners Club can gain entry if they meet certain qualifications, and some runners are also granted entry if they are nominated by an official running club.

In the early days, the first five marathons were run entirely in Central Park, but the present course is designed to give the runners a tour of New York City. It starts in Staten Island, zigzags through Brooklyn and Queens before crossing into Manhattan, and then fleetingly passes through the Bronx and ends up in Central Park.

Records Constantly Set                                                                                                                               

Current course records were set by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya in 2011 in the men’s division, and the women’s record holder is Margaret Okayo, also from Kenya, and her record run was made in 2003. The New York Marathon also includes a wheelchair division, which was included in 2000. Edith Hunkeler of Switzerland has won this division of the marathon five times, and holds the course record. Kurt Fearnley of Australia holds the men’s record.

The 46th New York Marathon took place on 6 November 2016. The winner of the men’s race was Ghirmay Ghebreslassie from Eritrea in a time of 2.07.51. Mary Keitany from Kenya, who was the winner of the women’s division in 2015, again carried the honour of winning in 2016.

Betting on The Runners and The Times

Anyone wanting to place a wager on the runners of the New York Marathon, or the times run, will find a wide range of opportunities at any reputable online mobile betting apps, with a wide range of games and sport and rewards also available. Of course, it will be the well known, or international, runners that will attract any betting activity.

New Yorkers have always loved showing off their city to visitors, and their enthusiastic welcome is extended to all the runners in the New York Marathon.

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