More Details about Casino du Liban

Casino du Liban has a reputation for catering to the upper classes, regularly housing celebrity guests and public figures from around the world. Likewise, the regular poker tournaments are known for drawing recognised poker champions, who participate in tense games that often draw crowds. The dining venues are also top notch and entertainment facilities outstanding, making the establishment a must-visit location on the lists of influential people around the world. Note that this venue supports online booking. In order to make a reservation online, simply provide the required information and click to see results. Click again to make payment, after which the reservation will be official.

Entertainment Options

Although many of the guests at the Casino du Liban are specifically interested in the casino and poker rooms, other entertainment options are always available. The casino has a live show venue, with excellent musical productions that dazzle guests on a nightly basis. Don’t forget also to check out the night club, which is renowned for keeping partygoers dancing into the early hours of the morning. Child friendly entertainment facilities are also available for those who are travelling as a family.

Poker Tournaments

Casino du Liban holds regular poker tournaments, offering substantial cash prizes to the winner. Many travel to the casino just to take part in these tournaments, and competition is always fierce, with competitors from around the world testing their skill and luck and a regular basis. Although it is generally accepted that only elite players take part, the competition is in fact open to anyone who would like to participate, assuming they have enough money to pay the entrance fee. If you think you have what it takes to play in a tournament, visit the hotel website to learn more about how to enter a tournament.

Dining Venues

Casino du Liban has multiple dining venues on the premises, with two that stand apart for their excellent reputations. The La Martingale and Cercle d’Or are both known for having not only superior service, but also world class dishes that draw guests from around the world. Menus are updated regularly to reflect seasonal specialities, and world renowned chefs oversee the dining experience of every guest. Keep in mind, however, that it is essential to make reservations at these restaurants well in advance. Also keep in mind that if tables are not available for these two establishments, other excellent dining locations are always available.

Weddings and Banquets

Casino du Liban has special package deals for those who would like to celebrate a wedding on the premises. Catering services are available on request, plus discounted prices are applicable when booking rooms for groups of guests above a certain amount. Contact the casino customer support centre to learn more about organising a wedding. For corporations that would like to organise functions or meetings, similar services are offered. The casino has facilities standing by for professional meetings, conference, or celebratory corporate events. Keep in mind that due to the popularity of the casino that bookings for group events may have to be made in advance.

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