Popular Sports Betting Markets In Australia

The sports betting market in Australia is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. What with the increasing number of safe and attractive online betting sites, it is said that an estimated 80% of Australian citizens engage in some form of gambling, and within the last decade, sports betting is fast becoming a favourite due not only to its attractive winning odds, but also because of the massive amount of committed sports fans in Australia.

Players from the Land Down Under have the option to choose between placing their bets at locally-regulated betting establishments and bookmakers, or on one of the well-regulated internet gaming sites, of which there are plenty.

Popular Aussie Sports

If you live in Australia or have visited at the appropriate time, you will see how the local citizens are bursting with a sporty fever when there is an important game happening either locally or anywhere in the world, really.  For example The National Rugby League, Melbourne Cup, regarded as the world’s most elite rugby league championship,  causes a huge amount of excitement right from the start of the season.

The attention these games invite make them particularly attractive for bookmakers and sports bettors alike, so it is not surprising that the revenue generated from the gambling sector has more than trebled in the last few years, with the prediction that it will continue to increase. Indeed gambling itself has become a massive culture Down Under and sports betting is certainly on the rise, especially horse racing betting sites.

Football Fever

Other than the Rugby, the sports which are most popular in Australia at present include Football, which has the largest following, Tennis, Cricket, and even some of the more America- associated sports such as Basketball, Baseball and American Football. Betting on these games has now become almost synonymous with the sports themselves.

Aussie Rules Football has a major fandom. The national team, the Socceroos, and the A-League, the top professional men’s soccer league, both have a huge following , even in a few  foreign countries, but it is the Soccer World Cup that attracts the most betting attention from Australian gamblers. This event usually attracts immense amounts of attention throughout the global community of football fans, and Australia is right up there with most avid of these enthusiasts.

Cricket and Tennis

Australia’s English roots are remembered through their love of Cricket, most especially the Ashes Series which sees the mostly good natured rivalry between Australia and England played out and which naturally draws some particularly high wagers from both serious gamblers and fans alike.

Tennis betting is also immensely exciting to Aussie sports fans. “In play” wagering is particularly popular where cold, hard cash is staked on the action as it happens. Aussies congregate en masse for annual tennis tournaments, the largest of which is the Australian Open held in Melbourne. This contest serves as an international platform for professional tennis, and so also attracts many real money players.

Online Sports Betting For the Win!

The rising popularity amongst users of online sites for sports betting in Australia is due to a number of reasons. Gamers feel secure, have a fantastic array of gaming options and get to experience the modern, top-of –the-line technological user interfaces on offer all over the world.

Indeed, some of the best-rated Australian sports betting sites are fully licensed are well regulated and promise reliable and Aussie-friendly payment and withdrawal options which allows for a relatively stress free gambling experience for the online gamer. Also, the most favoured gaming sites are expertly constructed for a pleasurable and seamless encounter for both personal computer and mobile device users, qualities that seasoned gamblers have now come to expect from professional software developers and designers in order for them to select their particular sites.

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